From Lucas Oil to the Alamodome, the All-Americans in Drum Corps

Between the 125 All-Americans, nearly every member is involved in music outside of marching band. Whether they perform in concert band, orchestra, indoor drumline, or winterguard, the All-Americans keep busy year-round. Twenty of these talented members take their dedication to music to the next level by participating in drum corps during the summer. Many of these participants perform in Drum Corps International, which is often described as marching music’s major league. We applaud the All-American’s extreme dedication to the marching arts and constant drive towards excellence. Meet some of these talented members below and see how music has affected their lives!

USAAAMB2016-Brandon Coplen

Bass Drum

Jersey Surf 2015

“Drum corps and music in general is one of the few places where I feel like I fit in. I can express myself in the way that I love and perform with some of the best people.”

JeremyCoverJeremy Cover


Music City 2013, Spirit of Atlanta 2014, 2015, Carolina Crown 2016

“Drum corps is about pushing yourself past what you thought you could do and pursuing excellence as well as growing with the corps as a family.

David CurtisDavid Curtis

Front Ensemble

Cavaliers 2014, 2015

“To me, the marching arts are all about passion. Passion for music, passion for performing, and a passion for life.”


DevamDevam Dhawan

Bass Drum

Spartans 2013, 2015, 2016

“After drumming takes up a third of your life, drum corps is the only option left. Drum corps is something that has truly changed my life for the better and I don’t know where I would be without it.”

Mathew Duenas-Mathew Dueñas


Guardians & Colts 2014

“The amazing thing about drum corps is that after that very first camp, I was no longer by myself. Later on, all of us with a similar goal in mind had the greatest summer putting our show on the field.”

Arjun DurbhakulaArjun2

Snare Drum

Blue Devils B 2013, Bluecoats 2014

“The invaluable lessons I have learned have not only helped me understand the world around me, they have helped me understand myself.”

Cari EarnhardtCariEarnhardt


Jersey Surf 2012, Academy 2013-2015

“Drum corps instilled in me an open minded attitude toward others, self awareness, and a priority of physical fitness. It has also taught me to put my everything into all that I do no matter the circumstances.”

Billy HowellBilly Howell


Music City 2014, Cavaliers 2015

“No matter how hot or hard the days may be there will always be 159 other people by your side fighting for the same end goal. And that to me is truly amazing.”

Brianna KelleyBrianna Kelley

Color Guard

Fusion “Core” 2010-2016

“The thrill of performing with this family is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It pushes you past your limits and makes you a stronger person mentally and physically.”

BrianKoBrian Ko


Jersey Surf 2014, Phantom Regiment 2016

“Drum corps is an opportunity to not only become the best performer that you can possibly be, but also to become the best version of yourself.”

Nan Nan LiuNanNanLiu

Bass Drum

Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 2014, 2015

“Drum corps is a unique and life changing activity. To be presented constantly with opportunities to push ourselves to and past what we had previously thought was our limits is something incredible.”

Jacob LythgoeJacob Lythgoe


The Academy 2014-2016

“Drum corps has taught me how to push myself beyond my limits and has given me the opportunity to experience two of the hardest but most rewarding summers.”

Zachary LythgoeZacharyLythgoe


The Academy 2014-2016

“Drum corps has been the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. I’ve met great people and traveled to places I never thought I’d go. I’m grateful for everyone who has taught me to become a better person, on and off the field.”

Alison MichalkeAlison Michalke


Legends 2014, 2015

“When I know that I am inspiring people on a daily basis I know I have done my job on the field.”


Coral NavarreCoral Navarre


Boston Crusaders 2014, 2015

“Alongside to becoming a better musician and performer, I learned traits of leadership, teamwork, and so many others that have shaped me into who I am today.”

CaseySaitowCasey Saitow

Color Guard

Spartans 2012-2015

“Drum corps for me has been an experience and a half. The main thing it has taught me is if you want something bad enough, you have to work for it.”

Brian SpencerBrian Spencer

Snare Drum

Spartans 2013-2015

“Drum corps literally shows you what family is, how to spend all your time with others and make magic. It teaches you how to have fun, and enjoy the music you are making.”

Taylor WinklerTaylor Winkler


Blue Stars 2015

“No pain no gain. The dependent corps works painfully hard together to total an experience that will draw crowds in from across the nation.”

Makenzie WrightstoneMakenzie Wrightstone

Color Guard

Reading Buccaneers 2013, 2015

“I learned what it’s like to become so close to people at all ages. Being one of the youngest, they took me under their wings and guided me through my first season. Now I consider all of the members my family.”

Ian YountIanYount

Snare Drum

7th Regiment 2014, 2015

“The activity introduced me to people like myself that share a passion for what we do and a drive for perfection.”


To learn more about Drum Corps International or where to see the All-Americans on tour this summer, click here.


One thought on “From Lucas Oil to the Alamodome, the All-Americans in Drum Corps

  1. I just can’t believe how good these young men and women are , and how dedicated they are to what they are doing. Thus what the our young generation is all about that is keep a secret.
    I marched for years when it was nothing but the GD bugel and loved it and treasure it to this day. Our whole family have been involved sense 1940 until now with my great niece
    Alison Michalke playing with the Legends
    Good luck and God bless them all

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