All in the Family: Meet the USAAAMB Twins

The 2016 U.S. Army All-American Marching Band boasts talented high school seniors from across the country. Some are from the same state, some are from the same high school, and a select few are even from the same family.

Sydney and Emily Carpentier of Los Alamitos, California only ever tricked one teacher by switching identities. That was April Fool’s Day in 5th grade, a year before the identical twins joined beginning band at the encouragement of their parents.

Performing together isn’t unusual for the Carpentiers. With Sydney on tenor sax and Emily on trumpet, both are members of the Los Alamitos High School wind symphony, marching band, and top jazz band. Both have been selected for the 2016 Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association Honor Groups Symphonic Band. Last year, they performed in the SCSBOA Honor Jazz Ensemble, and plan to audition again in January.


Emily and Sydney Carpentier

While undecided on what they’d like to study, both Carpentiers are interested in attending California State University, Long Beach. Even if they don’t choose to be music majors, they hope to stay involved by playing in the university’s ensembles.

Jacob and Zachary Lythgoe are brothers, but they’re not twins—they’re triplets. Their sister Rachel plays soccer instead of an instrument. Both boys initially chose to play the trumpet in 5th grade band, and natural fraternal competition and their parents’ role in holding them responsible for practice time soon had them hooked on band. During freshman year at Campo Verde High School, they started marching band, and Zach switched to mellophone and French horn.

The Arizona brothers both play brass in symphonic band and jazz band and play bass 4 and 5 respectively for the Campo Verde Indoor Percussion Ensemble.

Additionally, they have recently begun their 3rd season marching with The Academy Drum & Bugle Corps. Their involvement with the corps started freshmen year, when they attended camps to gain experience before auditioning for the 2014 season and securing lead brass positions.


Jacob and Zach Lythgoe

Jacob plans on studying music education at University of Arizona or Arizona State University, where he would join Zach as he studies physics.

With so many similarities, I asked what major differences there were between the two brothers.

“I’m taller,” Zach said.

“But I’m a minute older,” replied Jacob.


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