Alumni Get Involved: A New Program for Our Collegiate Students

For the first time, a program has become available to our alumni college students! The USAAAMB is proud to present the All-American Delegate Program. The program serves as a source of professional growth for the All-American Alumni through event planning, team management, and promotions. The program takes the core values of the U.S. Army and reflects them into the community. Alumni apply for the program and once they are accepted, they are given their assignment that All-Americans are completing across the United States.

Each year, the program will introduce a new project to be completed during the academic year at the specific Delegate’s college. The events will range from food drives to charity concerts and beyond. As a result, students around the nation will be impacted by this program. Word is spread about what the USAAAMB offers, what the U.S. Army does for civilians each and every day, and that music education is a vital source for success in any student community no matter how small.

Music Education offers something that is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Musicians and their educators endure sleepless nights, have extreme dedication, and mental strain. No matter what activity a student does, they should do what they love and do it well. This Delegate Program is a reminder that a musician’s dedication to the betterment of music education should not end when they don their graduation cap. Even if a student chooses to discontinue their musicianship, the musical pathway for those following them should not be threatened. Music provides opportunity and the Delegate Program serves as a reminder.

Look for events coming soon near you and be sure to join us in the celebration of music, community, and social betterment!


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